Flâneur is a series of candid movies focusing on “streets transformation” - a unique perspective involving how COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation and changed the appearance of our cities. 

Anderson Florist, a family owned florist since 1943 on Moody Street. The area was developed between about 1880 and 1950. A reminder of New England's economic prosperity in that time.
location: Waltham, ma
date: november, 2020​​​​​​​

music: Paolo Conte "Sparring Partners"


Rodneys bookstore, a 21 years-old bookstore in the heart of Central Square closed permanently fall 2020.
A last note on the website before shutting down: "Please Note: Our online book inventory is a supplement to that of our store inventory. While our store inventory offers a larger number of titles than we sell online, it cannot be searched via a computerized system."
location: Cambridge, ma
date: dec. 2020
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